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Terms of Agreement-Regular

Terms Of Agreement For The Supply Of Regular Cleaners

1. J.J.N. Homecare is a domestic cleaning agency. J.J.N. Homecare agrees to supply a Cleaner to carry out general housework, outline details of which have been provided by the Client. The precise content will be agreed between the Client and the Cleaner. Personal Care work is not a service we provide in any circumstances.

2. The Client will provide as required and explain and or demonstrate the use of all necessary tools implements, and materials which must be in safe working condition.

3. All fragile and valuable items should be secured or removed. The cleaner should not be requested to use bleach.

4. The Client will pay the Cleaner, on completion of the hours worked on any day. J.J.N. Homecare will advise the hourly rate currently payable to the cleaner. The minimum number of hours cleaning per visit is two.

5. In consideration of the Cleaner being supplied by J.J.N. Homecare, the Client will pay, on the agreed day of every month, the service charge sum by Bank Standing Order. This covers the agreed number of hours cleaning per week confirmed by email or letter. The Client agrees to pay the monthly service charge for as long as a Cleaner is provided. Payment is made in advance for each monthly period. Any cleaning carried out at the Client’s premises or for the Client by the supplied cleaner will constitute your acceptance of these Terms of Agreement.

6. The service charge covers the replacement of the Cleaner when the Cleaner leaves or goes on holiday, etc. Whilst every effort will be made to replace the Cleaner at short notice, 1 or 2 business days will normally be required.

7. The Cleaner supplied by J.J.N. Homecare is under the direction and control of the Client whilst at the Client's premises. The Cleaners are not employees of J.J.N. Homecare. The Cleaner is engaged by the Client on a self-employed basis.

8. This agreement is for a minimum period of three months, i.e. three service charge payments, after which time the agreement may be terminated by giving 28 days notice of cancellation in writing to coincide with a payment date. If however, J.J.N. Homecare cannot provide a cleaner, the agreement may be terminated immediately. It is the Client’s responsibility to cancel the standing order. J.J.N. Homecare will refund a maximum of three service charge payments where, for any reason, a Client or their representative has not cancelled the standing order payment.

Please note that the business of JJN Homecare has now been merged with that of J & J Cleaning Ltd.